Ahoy and welcome to my Web Journal!

Please read this first!

My online tag has always been Artourious, and my real life birth name is Max. It may not stay that way :P

On the right I should be building a directory of pages for my neocities including things like "the magic the gathering page" and "the music i'm listening to page" and a guestbook etc.

If you're feeling up for a challenge, i put together a guide which goes over the structure of how this layout is built, along with some specific tips on how to edit it in certain ways.

because i'm building off of this template maker without knowing much of any html, i'm leaving the parts of the template that have useful links for now.

- A Short List of Important Things -

  • single-player story heavy video games
  • weird new music such as hyperpop and soft electro subgenres
  • what if something was both of those things at once like Cytus and other Rayark games
  • my gay little pieces of fiction. it's a lot of webcomics, fanfiction, and online original fiction
  • a specific vibe of shows. a lot of animation, but with fun bonuses like The Sandman and Sense8 also being important to me